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Mammoth Ivory Handcrafted Chinese Fairies & 8 Immortal Figerine Carving (37735)


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# ITEM NO. 37735


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Mammoth Ivory Handcrafted Chinese Beauties and Figurine Tusk Carving
Brand New Item
100% Genuine Mammoth ivory handcrafted Chinese Beauties and Figurines Tusk Carving, size: 66" x 45"x 4" (167cm x 114cm x 10cm).
The main theme of this tusk is celebrating New Year with happiness, lucky and good harvest. You can see in the central of the tusk, a high official and his family members are holding a Fai Chun (Chinese New Year Couplet) to celebrate New Year.
In this tusk, there are many Chinese Characters,  Chinese beauty carved in the tusk,. They are doing different things, some of them are talking with some others, some are playing and some are playing music etc. The carving is very detail.  For detail, please refer to the picture and the video below.
Our artisan carved many famous chinese beauties and ladies there. This is a whole tusk carving. The carving is very detail and wonderful workmanship.
This item is 100% handmade from fossil mammoth ivory in very good quality. It is a good choice for collectors.
It comes with a wood stand. It is good idea as a gift for yourself and someone special.
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