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Mammoth Ivory Figurine Kids Presenting Peaches "Xiantao" Tusk Carving (37688)


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# ITEM NO. 37688

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Mammoth Ivory Figurine Kids Presenting Peaches "Xiantao" Tusk Carving (37688)

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100% Genuine Mammoth ivory handcrafted "Figurine Kids Presenting Peaches "Xiantao"" tusk carving, size: 30" x 26-1/2" x 2-1/4" (760 x 670 x 57mm) This carving is carved from the mammoth ivory tusk with in top quality. Our artisan used this tusk material to carved this carving. This carving is one-of-a-kind because of the shape of mammoth ivory tusk material. The carving is very detail and wonderful workmanship.

This item is 100% handmade. All materials we used are in good quality. It is a good choice for collectors.

Peaches has a reputation of being called "Xiantao" or "Shou Tao". In ancient China, longevity people are usually at home with "Shou Tao", hang the red wall birthday carpet, table was placed with "peach" made from fruit and wheat flour or rice flour and was tip dyed red, like "Xiantao" general. In addition, some painting and drawing will be affixed to the wall of the home, such as longevity of the elderly, Ma Gu offer longevity, the East Shuo Tao peach, the Eight Immortals on the birthday, flat peach birthday painting, etc. To add festive atmosphere, which "Shou Tao" has become a picture Point mark. All friends and family to celebrate the birthday will presenting "peach".

So why is the peach having such an important place in a longevity birthday? This is probably a relationship between the ancients of the Taoist faith and the Queen Mother of the myths legends.

Legend, peaches planted in the West Queen Mother peach garden, three thousand years a flowering, three thousand years a result, eat one of this peach one's life can increase six hundred years. Oriental Shuo is the embodiment of the old star, because he eat three time the peach and became longevity.

It comes with a delicate wood stand. It is good idea as a gift for yourself and someone special.

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